Travel Exchange


Julie Huddleston

Travel Director

Club Information

Holcomb Travel Exchange is here to bring you a variety of activities, fun, enjoyment and to help you make friends with similar interests.

Bring a friend along anytime.

Benefits of being a member

  • Free checking accounts and checks
  • Free Notary service and photocopies
  • Bank fees waived on money orders and cashierís checks
  • Educational seminars
  • Social get-togethers
  • Exciting trips and tours at affordable rates

Itís easy to become a member. Simply stop in at any of our facilities and complete our form. Discover how the Holcomb Travel Exchange can make your life more fun!

To become a member of Holcomb Travel Exchange you must maintain at least $1,000 in a deposit account or $5,000 in a Certificate of Deposit.

For more information, contact:

Julie Huddleston at our Rochelle facility (815-562-3838)

Marilyn Adamski at our New Milford facility (815-874-6156)

Bibiana Belmonte at our Creston facility (815-384-3838)

Arlett Bonne at our Byron facility (815-234-3131)

Thank you.