Cash Management


Using Holcomb Bank’s Cash Management is a safe and secure way to make your money work harder for you. You can define access levels and set transfer limits for each employee/user for all types of funds transfers including ACH, Wire Transfer and transfer of funds between accounts at the bank.

Wire Transfers

A fast and effective way to electronically send or receive funds, Holcomb Bank's wire service can move your business's money virtually anywhere.  Whether you use a telephone or our online service, your funds are transferred per your instructions in a secure environment.

Automated Clearing House Services (ACH)

Through electronic transactions, Holcomb Bank’s ACH Services provide a more effective way of disbursement and collection of funds.

ACH Direct Deposit: Save time and money connected to the paper check processing of payroll by electronically depositing your employees’ paychecks into a checking or savings account at a financial institution of their choice. Direct Deposit is a low cost benefit to your employees that allows them available funds on payday wherever they may be. It eliminates lost or stolen checks and the stop payment fees associated with them as well as the cost of purchasing check stock.

ACH Collections: By using preauthorized electronic transfers, your business can reduce the expense of collecting recurring receivables and time spent on bill preparation and deposits. Your customers can have regularly scheduled payments automatically deducted from their account and deposited electronically into your business account, helping give you a more predictable cash flow.

Business Sweep

Transfers are made between a Business Checking Account and a Business Money Market Account A minimum end of day balance of $10,000 must be kept in the checking account.

Business Bill Pay

Our Business Bill Pay solution allows you to quickly set up bill payments to anyone, anytime, anywhere. No more check writing, postage or remembering to pay bills on particular days; what used to take hours can now be done in minutes.

Quick, Easy, Smart and Secure, Holcomb Bank’s Business Bill Pay is the perfect complement to your business’ cash management needs. $4.95 monthly maintenance fee includes 20 free transactions per month, $.50 each transaction thereafter.