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Holcomb Bank was originally organized as the Exchange Bank of Holcomb, Holcomb, IL. It was formed as a private partnership by W.D. Oakes, Joseph Sheaff, David Sheaff, Walter Sheadle and Charles Eyster. W.D. Oakes served as the first president and the partners, acting as the board of directors, managed the facility.

The bank opened for business on July 5, 1892, in downtown Holcomb. A new building was erected in 1892 to house the newly established bank at a cost of $2,113.68. The original building was donated to Midway Village, Rockford, IL in the 1970ís.

The original partnership continued for 29 years until January 1, 1921. The only changes during those years were when Walter Sheadle withdrew in 1895, when Frank E. Sheaf was admitted in 1911 and when Edgar E. Stanbury and George W. Yeo were admitted in 1913.

The partnership was incorporated under the laws of the state of Illinois as the Holcomb State Bank on January 1, 1921, and has operated under that charter without interruption to the present time. A second bank building was constructed during the depression in 1930 and completed in May of 1931. Further expansions to the building were completed in 1957 and 1980.

During the 1930ís the bank received a taste of notoriety. First, it was one of only three banks in the county to survive the great depression of 1929-32. Secondly, in 1936, when a couple of machine-gun wielding bandits decided to test the bankís bullet proof windows, which had just been recently installed. The bullets bounced harmlessly off the bank windows, the employees were unharmed and the bandits ran away empty-handed. They were later caught and sentenced to long terms in prison.

The bank has had only nine presidents in its 126 years of business: W.D. Oakes, Charles Eyster, Edgar E. Stanbury, Frank E. Sheaff, Howard N. Johnston, John Eyster, Donald W. Bett, Richard J. Harms and current president Perry W. Byers.

In 1984 Holcomb State Bank expanded its operation and moved into the Rochelle market by building a branch office just north of Rochelle on Highway 251 in Hillcrest. After 13 years and substantial growth Holcomb State Bank relocated to its current location at 233 E. Highway 38, Rochelle.

In 1986, Holcomb State Bank purchased a bank facility in New Milford. We then built our current location located at 7035 11th St. New Milford in 1991.

Growth continued for Holcomb State Bank as a fourth branch was opened in Creston in March of 2005. It is located at 400 E. Highway 38, Creston.

On January 1, 2018 the bank officially changed its name to Holcomb Bank and converted to the more secure web domain of www.Holcomb.Bank.

A fifth branch was contructed and opened at 504 W. Blackhawk Dr., Byron, IL in March of 2018.